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500W-1200W round led stadium lighting

Model No. SF-F-B500
Power 500W/600W/1000W/1200W
Input Voltage AC100- 265V
Colour 2700-7000K
Beam Angle 10/25/60 degree
Light Eff. 130-150LM/W
Warranty 5 years
CRI 80
Driver Brand Meanwell Driver

500W/600W/1000W/1200W LED Stadium Light

Product Applications

* Workshop, Tunnel, Underpass factory, station, hypermarket, exhibition, center, gym, park lighting, garden lighting, Building lighting, Advertising board, outdoor advertisement ,wall ,gymnasium and so on.

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Product Features

* Genuine energy efficient reliable alternative to existing HID tunnel light solutions. The modular tunnel light offer an enhanced light output through a significantly more regular uniformity and more realistic and comfortable light colors.

* Energy savings of up to 50-80% over existing HID solutions. Combined with a 10+ year opera-tional life at 24 hours daily usage and a zero planned maintenance over this period, this translates into major savings to municipalities.


Model No.SF-F-B500SF-F-B600SF-F-B800SF-F-B1000

Power Factor: >0.95

LED: SMD5050

Colour Temperature: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K (Red/Yellow/Blue/Green availabe)

Input voltage: AC85-265V/AC90-305V

Driver: Meanwell Driver or CE Approval Driver

CRI: >Ra80 ( Customized available, such as CRI>Ra90)

Luminous efficiency: 130-150lm/w

Housing color: Black

IP grade : IP65

Beam angle : 10/25/60 degree

Material: Aluminum + PC

Working temperature: -35 °C~ +55 °C

Lifespan: 50000 hours

Warranty: 3-5years


1. Make sure that power is turned off before installation to ensure safety.

2. By mounting holes on the mounting bracket product can be directly screwed to the mounting pole or wall mounting.

3. After fixing a good product, you can slightly loosen the screws on both sides of the bracket, then convert the bracket to adjust the llumination angle of the lamp.

4. Working environment temperature -35 ℃ ---- + 55 ℃. Humidity: 10% -90% RH

5. Wiring joints, please do the installation of lighting waterproof seal, measures to prevent water and drain

6. The non-dimming lighting fixtures, do not connect with any standard dimmer. ( Dimmable Still available, such as 1-10v dimmable, DALI dimmable)

7. Please find a professional electrician to install, greeting connect wiring according to instructions on the label, make sure that a good grounding.

Wiring note item

High quality 5 years warranty 600w 1200w LED stadium light

The black line is “L”, the White line is “N”, the green line is “Ground”.

Please professionals for operation, before installation, please check the light body and the connection way of power cable.


* This product is LED lamps protection class IP65, it is not suitable for swimming pools or other underwater sites.

* To ensure proper use, please do not change the LED lamp structure. Any adverse please contact the manufacturer sales staff.

* Regular cleaning of the floodlight glass, in order to maintain good lighting translucent.

* Regularly floodlight housing and radiator dust cleaning, in order to maintain good heat dissipation.

* Regular cleaning of the floodlight glass, in order to maintain good lighting translucent.

* Product and packaging have corresponding clearly marked, do not mix

* Transport outside the box in strict accordance with the standard, sealing, taping, labeling paste (product name, quantity and other information)

* Be careful not to drop the heavy beat and dumping, severe stress within the glass may shatter

* 3 years after the deadline must be qualified after re-examining longer be used.