LED Stadium Flood Lights are the perfect high efficiency lighting solution for any stadium applicati

Issuing time:2019-10-23 00:00

LED stadium lights are the perfect high efficiency lighting solution for any sport application. The high quality of light emitted from LED sports lighting fixtures allows for an improved fan experience and increased safety. In addition, LEDs offer tremendous energy savings, longer lifespans, and other benefits.


The application of LED sports lights are for virtually any sporting application possible. They are perfect as sports field lights, sport court lights and sport stadiums. For specific examples, we have talked about how LED Sports floodlights can be applied to all indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

LED athletic lighting solutions are bringing all of those applications we just listed above, and more, the benefits that LED technology is offering to sporting fields and stadiums. The number one benefit of stadium lighting for athletic fields is energy savings, sometimes being as high as 75%. Additionally, sports fields & courts enjoy the higher quality of illumination that is brought to their field with LED sports lighting flood light solutions.

LED Enclosed & Indoor Stadium Lighting

An indoor dome can require significant light levels, especially if the goal is to replicate an amount of light similar to the sun.

Our indoor (and outdoor) stadium LED field lights will output a great amount of lumens per fixture. To maintain preferred efficiency, we have engineered LED athletic field lighting fixtures to a high lumen per watt output. In turn, this allows you to have more illumination with less power consumption. This is especially important in big sports complexes where bright light is required, making them the ideal indoor sports lighting fixtures.

From on the field, to the hallways and concessions; good and consistent lighting is achieved with our available LED indoor sports lighting and does exceptionally well in any environment inside.

Work with us and we will help insure that your indoor areas or stadiums is meeting indoor sports lighting standards.

LED Outdoor Stadium Lighting

For large open area sport fields, stadium LED outdoor sports lighting fixtures are still a must for night time play time. LED outdoor lights work both indoors and out as they are water and dirt resistant, perfect against the outside elements.

Another benefit of stadium LEDs, which is especially true for outside sporting fields, is that they reduce light pollution due to their directional design. This allows you to get as much light to where you need it most out of your outdoor LED stadium floodlights, and avoid putting out light into other directions.

Outdoor stadium lighting is not just for a large field area either, most (if not all) sporting fields get many visitors and that means - cars. Big parking lots are a common occurrence near any field, and they can require safe, bright lighting too. With LED solutions, they offer efficient and quality light output that will keep people safe and keep power costs down.

Whether you need outdoor field lighting for a big stadium or outdoor sport court lighting for a small court; let one of our lighting professionals help meet your needs and help design your sports lighting system utilizing LED floodlights for sport fields.