LED flood light Installation Instruction

Issuing time:2019-10-26 10:12

1. Usage:
Used for in-door & out-door, eg. the workshop, the storehouse, the road toll station, the gas station, the large-scale supermarket, the exhibition hall, the stadium and so on which need lighting.


2. Using instructions
A, Working voltage:AC 85V~265V 50/60Hz, do not exceed the operating voltage range.
B, Storage   temperature -25 0 C ~ +65 0 C. Working temperature:-40 0 C~+55 0 C,Best working temperature -0 0 C ~ +30 0C
C, Please handle with care, do not press hard during transportation or storage for the glass cover of the light.

You should read the instructions before installing the light or complete it by professional engineers.

Otherwise it may bring you following inconvenience
A, Could not take full advantage of LED lamps.
B, May be damaged lamps, lamps do not work.
C, Maybe get an electric shock

Installation graphical:

15.jpg1. Inspection installation site: You should check whether the site can support the weight above 1.5 times of the lamp.

Otherwise, do not install.
2. Fixed the lamp on the installation site: Please set 3 holds on the metal bracket which as same as the lamp installed holes

if the site is the aluminum, iron bracket. When installing the lamp please put the iron and metal shelf bracket holes with the screw lock bit after coincidence.
When the site is flat cement or concrete ,Please select the crew more than 10MM diameter , using impact

hand-drill set the hole as same as the installations. Put expansion screws fixed on the installation surface.

Operation chart:

16.jpgconnect wire:Generally, the standard electric cable of the flood light is   0.9M long with 3*0.75 square . The connection way as follows

17.jpg※Note: If the light is for outdoor usage, need to prepare waterproof treatment in the joint.

4.   Adjust the beam angle : you can use the spanner to loosen the screw 1a and screw 1b which are at the end of the lamp bracket,   

adjust the angle of the light , then tighten screws 1a and 1b when you feel the beam angle is not suitable after lighting up the light.
Operation   chart:


5. Maintenance & repair instructions
1. Troubles resolution:
Troubles and solutions: Observe the surface of LED light source whether there is discoloration, broken traces,

with or without obvious fracture connectivity when you check. Please also check whether Power connection is loose & short-circuit, with or without obvious signs of damage.

Please replace the light source and power if there is any obvious signs of damage.

LED lamp not bright
a, Lamp wire connection is abnormal Loosen the screw and reconnect the power supply wire
b, LED   is damaged   Replace the LED
c, Power supply failure Replace the power supply
d, LED lamp twinkled
Power supply connected well    Loose the screw and reconnect the power supply wire
Input voltage waves large   Confirm the right input voltage
Power supply failure Replace power supply

2.   Maintenance, repair Note
A, Please make sure the power-off before the maintenance。
B, In order to maintain a good light transmittance, please clean the glass cover of the floodlight regularly.
C, For maintaining good heat dissipation, please clean the dust on shell and the heat sink of the flood light timely.
D, Please do not use water or corrosive cleaning liquor to clean, preferably with a dry cloth.
E, You may open the rear cover with a screwdriver, cut off the power when you replace the power supply.

About the AC power three pin wire, the brown one is “L”, the blue one is “N”, the green & yellow one is Ground line.

Regarding DC power wire, the red or white line corresponds to anode, and the black line corresponds to cathode.

Please don’t reverse the anode and cathode.