European lighting industry issued 2025 roadmap: two main lines

Issuing time:2019-10-23 00:00

Lighting Europe issued the industry roadmap as strategic target of 2025 which played the overture European electrical lighting industry transformation recovery.

The European Lighting Association forecast in 2025 annual sales of 28 EU member states double capped fluorescent lamps dropped to about 700 million, annual sales of compact fluorescent lamps fell to about 200 million; annual sales halogen dropped to about 300 million,   On the contrary, LED light sources will grow to 800 million.The European Lighting Association that most people have 90% of the time is spent in the various buildings, artificial lighting environment of great dependence and demand, so that consumers in indoor and outdoor lighting conditions to enhance well-being and health through improved quality of light.

In 2025 as the target of the European lighting industry roadmap corresponds to the EU policy framework regarding innovation, energy, environment and growth policy content, proposed "enhance the quality of life" and "circular economy" two main lines.

The European Lighting Association believes that in the current global economic downturn, the environment, the EU is also actively promote the "EU", with label "Made in Germany" in the famous kitchen appliances from the market, 2016 Frankfurt International lighting exhibition, the exhibitors have the slogan "Made in Italy", "Made in Greece" and logo, European countries are actively promoting the recovery of the country's manufacturing industry, with its original strengths in product design and manufacturing process, the EU countries will recovery from the electrical lighting industry to boost the role.